Cultural Troupe Management System (CTMS)

The Department of Culture looks forward for the systematic and comprehensive promotion in the field of art and culture in the State and the Department. CTMS elaborates & provides a clear picture for all details of intends to be a repository of all cultural activities with deputation of respective cultural troupe to the respective organization with access to relevant stakeholders which fulfils the requirement.

List of Requesting Agencies(RAs) RegisteredPDF

Name Unique ID Requesting Agency Type Address District Contact No. Registration Date
SIMULIA CHADAKA JATRA PUJA COMMITTEE BS04R015 Non-Government Odisha, Baleswar , Basta Baleswar 8328914497 28-03-2023
Sree Neelachala Seva Sangha SOUR007 Non-Government Delhi, South Delhi South Delhi 9871309378 30-03-2023
Maa sidhidatri dibyajibana sevashrama JG04R015 Non-Government Odisha, Jagatsinghapur , Jagatsinghp Jagatsinghapur 7008944075 30-03-2023
SRI AUROBINDO PATHA CHAKRA KD09R061 Non-Government Odisha, Khordha , Khurda Khordha 9438186055 28-03-2023
KURUMA BOUDDHAPITHA VIKASH PARISHAD PR05R014 Non-Government Odisha, Puri , Kakatpur Puri 7735160163 27-03-2023
Jharana Sahi Mahotsav Organising Committee. KD03R125 Non-Government Odisha, Khordha , Bhubaneswar Khordha 9438298950 27-03-2023
Sapasil bajrangabali puja Comitee KT01R005 Non-Government Odisha, Koraput , Jeypore Koraput 7751877437 27-03-2023
DANDA MAHOSTAV CT10R011 Non-Government Odisha, Cuttack , Banki-Dampara Cuttack 6372463865 27-03-2023
Maa Mangala Juba Parisad KD03R124 Non-Government Odisha, Khordha , Bhubaneswar Khordha 9348147058 27-03-2023
Mahabhoi Sasana Dola Committee KD03R123 Non-Government Odisha, Khordha , Bhubaneswar Khordha 9090489565 27-03-2023