Cultural Troupe Management System (CTMS)

The Department of Culture looks forward for the systematic and comprehensive promotion in the field of art and culture in the State and the Department. CTMS elaborates & provides a clear picture for all details of intends to be a repository of all cultural activities with deputation of respective cultural troupe to the respective organization with access to relevant stakeholders which fulfils the requirement.

List of Requesting Agencies(RAs) RegisteredPDF

Name Unique ID Requesting Agency Type Address District Contact No. Registration Date
Sashimani kalathmika KD09R005 Non-Government Odisha, Khordha , Khurda Khordha 7008649454 31-05-2023
Nupuradhwani dance academy KD09R004 Non-Government Odisha, Khordha , Khurda Khordha 7978613169 15-09-2022
Sriram Temple Parichalana Committee BL02R003 Non-Government Odisha, Balangir , Balangir Balangir 8144106004 15-09-2022
NRUTYANILAYA AN01R001 Non-Government Odisha, Angul , Angul Angul 9439851883 31-05-2023
MAA MASANA PALA PARISHAD BS06R004 Non-Government Odisha, Baleswar , Jaleswar Baleswar 8598901746 15-09-2022
BLOCK KALA SANSKRUT SANCHA JALESWAR BS06R003 Government Odisha, Baleswar , Jaleswar Baleswar 9238518054 05-08-2022
ALAKA ARTS ACADEMY JG01R001 Non-Government Odisha, Jagatsinghapur , Balikuda Jagatsinghapur 9938530858 15-09-2022
SRJAN KD11R003 Non-Government Odisha, Khordha , Bhubaneswar-MUN Khordha 9937092192 15-09-2022
AATMAAN FOUNDATION KD11R002 Non-Government Odisha, Khordha , Bhubaneswar-MUN Khordha 9437688111 15-09-2022
Paschim Odisha Sanskrutik Sansad KT14R005 Non-Government Odisha, Koraput , Similiguda Koraput 9438074520 15-09-2022