Cultural Troupe Management System (CTMS)

The Department of Culture looks forward for the systematic and comprehensive promotion in the field of art and culture in the State and the Department. CTMS elaborates & provides a clear picture for all details of intends to be a repository of all cultural activities with deputation of respective cultural troupe to the respective organization with access to relevant stakeholders which fulfils the requirement.

List of Requesting Agencies(RAs) RegisteredPDF

Name Unique ID Requesting Agency Type Address District Contact No. Registration Date
Adweta KD01R051 Non-Government Odisha, Khordha , Balianta Khordha 7847862124 27-03-2023
PANCHAMUKHI HANUMAN COMMITTEE JG08R016 Non-Government Odisha, Jagatsinghapur , Tirtol Jagatsinghapur 9938964247 26-03-2023
RADHAMOHAN NURTYA VIDYALAYA BS02R030 Non-Government Odisha, Baleswar , Balasore Baleswar 6370741623 26-03-2023
Bhagabata mandir pratishtha comitte budula BL01R008 Non-Government Odisha, Balangir , Agalpur Balangir 7978792074 25-03-2023
Kaibarta Utsav Committee CT12R023 Non-Government Odisha, Cuttack , Cuttack Cuttack 9938183228 25-03-2023
35 ମୌଜା ପରିଚାଳନା କମିଟି PR07R005 Non-Government Odisha, Puri , Krushnapra Puri 9937186484 25-03-2023
Panchamukhi Hanuman Sebak Sangha KP06R022 Non-Government Odisha, Kendrapara , Marshaghai Kendrapara 7381202606 25-03-2023
MAA KADLI MUNDIAN AND PARNRAPAT MAHOTSAV COMMITEE BG08R015 Non-Government Odisha, Bargarh , Bijepur Bargarh 9178515300 24-03-2023
ପଣା ସଂକ୍ରାନ୍ତି ମହୋତ୍ସବ, ମାରୁତି ମଣ୍ଡପ, ମେଡ଼ିକାଲ ଛକ, KP08R013 Non-Government Odisha, Kendrapara , Rajkanika Kendrapara 8895742165 25-03-2023
ମା ହିଙ୍ଗୁଳା କମିଟି, ଅମୃତିଆ JJ08R012 Non-Government Odisha, Jajapur , Korei Jajapur 9437442113 24-03-2023