Cultural Troupe Management System (CTMS)

The Department of Culture looks forward for the systematic and comprehensive promotion in the field of art and culture in the State and the Department. CTMS elaborates & provides a clear picture for all details of intends to be a repository of all cultural activities with deputation of respective cultural troupe to the respective organization with access to relevant stakeholders which fulfils the requirement.

List of Requesting Agencies(RAs) RegisteredPDF

Name Unique ID Requesting Agency Type Address District Contact No. Registration Date
MAA MANGALA MB15R013 Government Odisha, Mayurbhanj , Betnoti Mayurbhanj 9778917331 29-03-2023
Lankapodi Jatra committee Gania NG03R002 Non-Government Odisha, Nayagarh , Gania Nayagarh 7978051021 24-03-2023
Maa Tarini Puja Committee PR08R059 Non-Government Odisha, Puri , Nimapara Puri 9439314950 24-03-2023
Jamkunda government high school BS03R020 Government Odisha, Baleswar , Baliapal Baleswar 9437884944 24-03-2023
Utkal Sanskrutika Samaj VIZR001 Non-Government Andhra Pradesh, Vizag Vizag 9533011960 23-03-2023
sunari para ganesh puja committee SG16R010 Non-Government Odisha, Sundergarh , Sundargarh Sundergarh 9090629969 23-03-2023
Sri Sri Nrusinghanath Temple Office BG11R005 Non-Government Odisha, Bargarh , Paikmal Bargarh 9938277635 23-03-2023
Mauchhuka Baba Sanskrutika Parisada CT04R019 Non-Government Odisha, Cuttack , Salipur Cuttack 9861886059 23-03-2023
BAJRANGBALIE COMMITTEE BS09R016 Non-Government Odisha, Baleswar , Simulia Baleswar 7978053412 23-03-2023
ତାରିଣୀ ମନ୍ଦିର ବାର୍ଷିକ ଉତ୍ସବ,ଇକଡା BS06R066 Non-Government Odisha, Baleswar , Jaleswar Baleswar 8018440861 23-03-2023